Hand On Heart got formed at the end of summer 2017 by an idea of four friends that decided to unite their efforts in direction of their passion for hardrock music. The band is brand new in the music scene but its members have already years of experience. We have much pleasure in introducing you the line-up:


Gianluca Niccoli: Vocals, Keyboards

started studying piano in 1989. Afterwards he begun singing lessons. He took part to many national song contests as a solo singer. Some years ago he formed the 70/80s pop band Covercraft of which he is still a member. Starting from September 2017 he is the lead vocalist and keyboarder of the hardrock band  Hand On Heart.









Alessandro Moschini: Bass Guitar

Starting playing electric bass in 1986 as autodidact. In 1986 he formed the hardrock band G.L.A.S. together with Sergio Leonetti. G.L.A.S. published the EP s "Audax Vincit" (1988), rare record today, considered an important document of the New Wave of Italian Heavy Metal of ther 80s, and 2 tracks for 2 cd compilations. After the split of G.L.A.S. in 1994 he joined H.A.R.E.M., street-metal band leaded by the singer Freddy Delirio, that is the keyboarder of the doom-metal band Death SS even now. In 1998 he started studying electric bass under the guidance of the Maestro Federico Gori. Afterwards he joined ther folk music band Fuoridalcoro, leaded by the guitarist and playwright Valerio di Piramo. With this band he played in 2010 in a concert tribute to the italian singer Fabrizio de André broadcasted on Sky channell 926 in Eurovision. In 2015 he formed the pop/rock acoustic duo Corde & Vocali together with the female singer Costanza Pieri. The duo has today 2 EPs under his belt, the first one "Firmato tua F." and the second one "Parte un treno ogni minuto" (Original Soundtrack of the namesake play) distributed on the web on the most important platforms. Starting from September 2017 he is the bass guitarist of the hardrock band Hand On Heart. At the moment he is taking the Lizard Music Academy bass guitar classes in Empoli (Florence). He has a personal website:




  Christian Evans: Lead & Rhythm Guitars



Sergio Leonetti: Drums

started studying drums in the early 80s. He playd in some local bands before forming G.L.A.S. in 1986 together with Alessandro Moschini. He published the EP "Audax Vincit" (1988) and a track on a cd compilation in 1991. In 1991 he joined the folk rock band Ontario with 3 cds and concerts in France and Germany under their belt. Starting from September 2017 he is the drummer of the hardrock band Hand On Heart.